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Tracy Roberts & Susanne Myers from PiggyMakesBank.com have announced a discount coupon that will cut all prices by 50% for EVERYTHING sold in Piggy Makes Bank including all of the memberships.

Kindly note that there is no information provided of when will this coupon be expired. Use it will it is still valid. Enjoy.

Updated on Mar 28, 2020: This coupon is still valid as of today.

For Existing PLR Membership Members

If you currently have a PLR membership from PiggyMakesBank.com and wish to enjoy the 50% discount, you can cancel your existing membership and join at the new 50% off rate which will then remained at this price in as long as you remain a member.


To enjoy the 50% discount, enter the below coupon during checkout:

Coupon Code: KEEPGOING

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PiggyMakesBank New PLR Bundle – 30 Days to Develop Your Brand

PiggyMakesBank.com has just released a new PLR Business Content Bundle: 30 Days to Develop Your Brand. With this content bundle, you can teach your readers how to build up a brand with Story, to draw people in and convince them to make the first purchase.

You will get the following in this bundle

  1. 30 Articles
  2. 30 Emails
  3. 30 Social Media Posts
  4. a 6,040 word Ebook
  5. a Companion Workbook/Journal

The Bundle Include The Following Articles

  1. What Exactly is a Brand
  2. Yes, You Need to Become a Brand
  3. What is Your Core Message? What Do You Want Your Brand to Stand For?
  4. It All Starts with a Name
  5. To Rebrand or Not To Rebrand
  6. Let’s Talk Logos & Graphics
  7. How to Craft a Brand That Resonates with Your Audience
  8. Let’s Talk Branding Strategy for Your Online Business
  9. How Branding Works with the Know-Like-Trust Concept
  10. Branding is so Much More Than Advertising & Logos
  11. Is Your Brand Descriptive and Memorable?
  12. Is Your Branding Consistent Across Multiple Platforms?
  13. The Importance of Branding in Social Media
  14. How Branding Can Help You Sell More Products & Services
  15. Good Branding Sets You Apart from Your Competition
  16. Are You Advertising? It Will Be Part of Your Branding Strategy
  17. The Importance of Consistency Over Time
  18. How to Write Your Branding Message
  19. Launching Your Brand is All About Telling Your Story
  20. Don’t Be Afraid to Show Some Personality
  21. Creating Templates That Reflect Your Brand
  22. Your Content is a Huge Part of Your Brand Online
  23. How to Avoid Mixed Messages in Your Branding
  24. The Importance of Monitoring Your Brand
  25. Does Your Branding Strategy Align with Your Business Objectives?
  26. Simple Ways to Integrate Branding into Website Design
  27. Here’s What Should Be in Your Branded Marketing Toolkit
  28. Implement, Track, & Adjust Your Branding Message
  29. Strategies to Help You Stay True to Your Brand
  30. Let’s Review a Month’s Worth of Branding Tips & Strategies

PiggyMakesBank Article Review

Below is an extract of one of the article listed above for your review:

If your brand has a reputation of value – or anything the ideal customer finds value in such as loyalty, price point, exclusivity, or something else – then even if the person who comes across your offer only knows that but doesn’t really know you fully, they will be more trusting than if your brand had no recognition at all.

Think of popular brands that come out with new products all the time such as Cover Girl, Dove, Apple, and so forth – all of these enjoy vast brand recognition to the point that even if you have never purchased from them, you know that their product offers quality and will do what the company says it will.

You can create branding that does that for your business, even if your business is small and includes only you, by ensuring that you create a brand that delivers your message memorably and transparently. You can do that by choosing the right logos, fonts, colors, tagline, and voice for your business entity that remains consistent throughout platform or location, including online and offline.

To do branding right, you need to know who your audience is now and keep studying them so that you can transition and evolve with them over time. Plus, you need to know exactly how your product or service solves their problems and why your product or service is better than any other product or service that is being offered. Once you have that information, you can insert that knowledge into your branding efforts by choosing everything from your audience’s perspective based on the goals you’ve made for them.

2 Ways To Buy This Bundle At A Discount

  1. Click here to buy the PLR bundle to have a discount of $20 using the coupon code: BRANDING during checkout.
    Note: You’ll want to act fast because this coupon will expire at end of day on Saturday, September 7, 2019.
  2. Or join PiggyMakesBank Business Monthly Membership and get this PLR bundle. Each month you’ll continue to receive quality PLR related to business niche. The price of the monthly membership saves you $40 each month over buying each pack individually.

PiggyMakesBank Mini PLR Memberships

PiggyMakesBank.com, by Susanne and Tracy, has just launched 3 new Mini PLR Memberships. These 3 new memberships are a trim down version from the existing full plans. These mini plans are suitable for those that do not need so many articles monthly.

The mini membership content packs will consist of 5 high quality plr articles, 5 emails, 5 social media posts, 5 social friendly images PLUS an Ebook Compilation of the content each month. Comparing to the full membership, you will get: 30 Articles, 30 Social Media Posts, 30 Email Messages, etc monthly.

Mini PLR Memberships

You can get the mini PLR membership for the following 3 niches:


Alternatively, you can get all 3 mini plans for a discounted price. Basically, you will get a total of 15 Pieces of Content, 15 Social Media Posts, 15 Email Messages, 15 social media friendly images, plus 3 Short Reports monthly.

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PiggyMakesBank – Discount Coupon For Aug 2017

For the month of Aug 2017, PiggyMakesBank.com is running a promotion with 50% discount for some of it’s PLR packs.

  • Day 1: Click here to get the “How & Why to Make Bone Broth” PLR Pack. Use Discount Coupon Code: PIGGYSAVES to enjoy a 50% discount. This pack consists of 10 articles, 10 auto-reponder emails, a handy checklist and 3 social media graphics.
  • Day 2: “Business Productivity for Profits” PLR Pack. Use Discount Coupon Code: PIGGYSAVES to enjoy a 50% discount. This pack consists of 10 articles, 10 auto-reponder emails, a Promotional Cover Graphics and a checklist.

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Free PLR – Make Over Your Morning

PiggyMakesBank.com has just release a free PLR pack – Make Over Your Morning. In this pack, you will receive 7 Emails and 7 Articles as follow:

  1. Why Making Over Your Morning Has A Huge Impact On Your Entire Day
  2. Define Your Perfect Morning
  3. Finding Time In Your Busy Morning
  4. Determining What You Should Be Doing Is Crucial
  5. Come Up With A New Morning Game Plan
  6. The Importance Of Habits And Routines
  7. Take Time To Review Your Morning Routine Regularly

I am not sure when will this free offer expire. Click here to download the free PLR pack – “Make Over Your Morning” now.